Madeline Ehrlich

I am an undergraduate woman of the sciences. I like to compost, feel the sun on my face, and observe (and hopefully someday preform) surgeries.

The co-op is my Bloomington family. I feel so fortunate to have found a community that fosters strong values of creativity, sustainability, and accepts me for smelling like last night’s stew. I have learned more about myself, cooking, and communication in the past 17 months than I have in my life. Come join us for dinner, and you will get a rich taste of what we’re all about!

Lauren Madison Haney

Middle Earth

I am Lauren. I do SPEA. I like noninteresting american (noncapital a) pop music, especially when they are sang by seemingly sentimental women artists. I’ve spent a year in europe (like three months almost) and it was beautiful and superior to what i’ve experienced until then, which has changed my life completely. I want to affect the world positively, and change the way we govern ourselves as people. I love drinking wine, and communicating love, and hugs (fun fact: hugs longer than 20 seconds are actually good for your mental health). I support sustainable, organic, natural, local, cage-free farming and dairy and anything if possible. I believe in the power of nonviolence. I love insensibly listening to electronic music and dancing.

This is very much who I am.

Written By: Ozan Yolasigmaz

Ozan Yolasigmaz

Middle Earth
By Lauren Haney

They call me Ozzy. Oz. Ozie. OHHHHz. Nazo. The great one.

I study Mathematics and I am good at it. Don’t fucking bother me with your capitalist bullshit, I won’t listen. I despise this country’s obsession with many things, but in particular cinnamon, consumerism, inability to participate politically, and your GMO food. However, I enjoy your American company, the things you teach me, and especially the love I receive from you. In all honesty, here is where I am supposed to be.

You can find me in my room listening to EDM and playing FIFA. I hope that you want to check out this place more because I imagine you’ll find it enlightening and unlike any other home in Bloomington, IN. Here there is a family.

Ashleigh Del Bosque

Middle Earth
By Lauren Haney

I’m studying International Studies with a focus on Human Trafficking/Rights.
Things I love (including, but not limited to):
— Hip-hop (i.e., wu tang clan, a tribe called quest, nas)
— Equal Rights
— Black boots (the ankle ones)
— Feeling guilty for living in the first world (I mean i take warm showers, I have roof over my head, i have food in my belly, what more can I ask for?!)
— Tight jeans/ vests
— Napping on da flo
— Tequila

Kevin Weinberg

Middle Earth
Some about me -

I study recording arts at IU.
I write songs and play instruments.
I like making things.
I enjoy cooking, and eating food, and fermenting things.
I wonder at the magic of life and its complexities.
I wish people were happier and kinder.
I’m learning how to think and talk and be.

Woodlandia has been having some fun times over the last semester and is looking forward to more to come!

Volunteering at the Community Orchard!

Tori Martindale

Hello potential coopers! I’m currently a junior at Indiana University, double majoring in French and Studio Art, and possibly minoring in Art History. I’m from Bloomington, IN, which is how I learned of Bloomington Cooperative Living in all its glory. Seriously I love it. I live my life for art and I want to bring the practice and love of it into others’ lives, no matter their age. That, coffee, nice people, good food, and magic keep me going.

Kate Siefker

Middle Earth
Hello there, my name is Kate!

I love spending my time in the studio working on projects with fellow musicians and friends and I perform with a few bands around town.

I also spend my time….
- longboarding
- reading
- learning about space
- watching crazy documentaries
- talking with people
- falling off my longboard
- going on adventures
- eating bananas

Aaron Comforty

Middle Earth
I like to yuk it up: talk, converse, shmooz, ya know (unless I’m grumpy from too long a days work). Also, we should cook together sometime I love microwave dinners (pshh Yeah right!)). Oh yeah, singing, music, dancing - all that stuff all the time. Except when I’m tryin to sleep, dammit.

Lucie Cyliax

I’m Lucie, a proud resident of Woodlandia! I am a student at IU studying Elementary Education, along with some Studio Art. When I’m not day dreaming about educational reform and the days when I will teach little hippie children to make craft projects, I like to create art, act in plays, and pick out silly outfits. I’m passionate about lots of things, including gender equality, sustainability, and volunteerism. I love theme parties, cleaning bathrooms, and squash, so the co-op has been an awesome fit for me.

Some of the music from the Middle Earth party-
SPAIN, the band

Music at MidE; 7/25 @ 8:30 pm

Come join us for a midsummer night of great music, fun, and relaxation at 404 W Kirkwood Ave. It’s a free show, but donations are welcome, especially for our out-of-town visitors (Darrin and Dots WIll Echo). Darrin surfed our “couch” last year at the Deep, and is a good guy and amazing singer and songwriter. BYOB 

Check out Darrin’s music here:

Dots Will Echo:

This is what democracy looks like

Politics and coop (apartment) housing in the New York Times

Mini Work Day Saturday (4/27) 11:30-3:30 @ 404 W Kirkwood

Hey everyone,

   Despite the press of finals week we find ourselves needing to have a mini workday at MidE (404 W Kirkwood) this Saturday. We were just cited for not having bike racks installed and could be fined quite a lot of money (thousands of dollars) if we don’t move on it immediately. In addition to the bike racks, there are a handful of other projects (including other future code violations) that we are trying to take on. This includes:

(a) scraping and painting the porch columns, rails, etc,
(b) doing yardwork and gardening
(c) installing/constructing a handrail outside of the kitchen
and (d) possibly clearing more debris/recycling out of the basement
   As always, join in any time and contribute in whatever way(s) you are able! Phil ( will be tackling some of the stuff during the coming week, so please contact him and join up with him if you can put in an hour or two during the week but are unavailable during the weekend! The house belongs to all of us and our internal Gardening Super Committee is planning on holding a bunch of mini work days over the next couple months (look for the announcements!) to give everyone the opportunity of making the yard beautiful, sustainable, and delicious : )